Saturday, April 24, 2010

Washcloth Candy

I LOVE these "candies" for baby showers. They have 2 infant washclothes wrapped up with celophane and curling ribbon. The suckers use an infant spoon for the stick. Another thing for my craft show.

And be sure to scroll down, cuz I just posted 4 different things this morning and last night :)
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I made this tutu actually in my 21 month old sons size, but he would have nothing to do with it. SOOOO my 5 year old wanted to try it on. I couldnt get it off him!!! He loved it and wanted one, LOL. I think it is soooo cute, too bad I only have boys....

So then I thought it would be cute to have a dress, so I bought sparkle tulle and sewed it to the bottom of a tank top. There are 4 layers of tulle on each skirt. I think this will look adorable with leggings! I might still add an optional flower on the waist if I can find something
I like..... So Cute!

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pipe cleaner rings

So I saw a segment on Martha Stewart with Wendy the Pipecleaner Lady making pipe cleaner rings. I kinda ran with that and made a ton of rings. I think I am gonna put them in a little dish at the craft show for $0.25 a piece. Good for the little girls walking by with their moms :)
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George Wrapper

I had a request for a wrapper from for the baby bug, using George.  I have it done, but I dont have George, so if someone downloads it, if you could tell me how it works, I would appreciate it :)

adult wrapper george

Just an FYI, I use a bunch of different brands of ladies socks.  Some are thicker than others.  I only use the full size for the real thick ones.  The others, I make my own new slits with a scissors and overlap the wrapper a bit.  Makes the wrapper much more versitile :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Diaper Cake

I finally pulled the trigger and signed up for a craft show this fall :) So I have been putting things together to get ideas of stuff to go along with the cupcake socks... I made this diaper cake and used Gypsy wanderings for the title. I used a little gemstone for the "i". The piggie is a porcelain bank that I got at the Dollar Tree :) I dont know how many of them I will do cuz they take up a lot of room, but i think they are cute!
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