Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cricut Circle

The following message will only be understood by Cricut ADDICTS, LOL

Ok, so I did it!  I was sooo on the fence on this one.  I wasnt able to join in June due to the fact that we were in contract negotiations and I was anticipating going on-strike in July and couldnt spend any money.   So now when they re-opened the Circle, I wanted to join (because I hate missing out on anything, LOL), but I didnt know if it would be worth it for me because you no longer get the 800 points for joining.  I hemmed and hawed, hesitated for a long while.  I was thinking it was only supposed to be open for joining thru the 2nd.  I never signed up.  So then tonight I figured I would check and see if it is still open.  If I missed it, I wasnt meant to join, if it was still up, it was meant to be.  So low-and-behold, it let me sign up!  I had to quick hit the purchase button before I changed my mind!!!  I hope I like it!  I only did the quarterly membership cuz I dont know if I will like it yet....   Did anyone else take the plunge???  What do you think?

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