Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My New Toy!!!

So I have been oogling over all of the wonderful cards and projects made with alcohol markers, ie Copic Markers, but my cheapo brain couldnt wrap my head around the expense and choosing colors was daunting.  Weelll, that all changed when I received an email from www.hallmarkscrapbook.com about Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers.  I was hooked at 1st glance!  Of course, i resisted for a while, doing my research, but ultimately I had to have them.  It ended up being $112 for the intial set of 72 markers.  Not bad if you have ever priced out Copic Markers.  So far, i love them.  In my research, i found lots of people doing comparisons between the different alcohol markers.  Copic people say they dont blend as well, and they like their brush nib better....  Well that may be true, but im never gonna know the difference, lol!!!    I do have a couple minor complaints.  The colors are supposed to go 1= lightest, 9= darkest...but some dont make sense that way.  I downloaded and filled out the color chart, so I can figure it out, just wish it made sense.  The other thing is that the barrel falls apart on some of the markers.  The "ink well" can go flying and wreck your project.  However I have found a fix for that...  I did make a little video that I will post below this, and you can see my fix...  I will also say that I consider myself a "crafty" person, and not so much an "artsy" person.  This goes much more into the "artsy" realm, so I will be PRACTICING!!!  Oh darn, lol...

The 1st card I made.  The digital stamp is from http://linnie-whoopsiedaisy.blogspot.com/.  I have been using Georgia Pacific paper from walmart.  Once I get better, I will venture into some spendier paper...

 And some of my other practice pieces.  The fish, duck, bird, and ant are all from www.doodlepantry.com

The rest of the images are from http://sliekje.blogspot.com/


  1. Thank you for following, love the video! and some of those lovely digi's come from sliekje too, so cute!

    1. Thanks :) And I did credit sliekje, but it is kinda hidden in the middle of the pictures, i will try to bold it...